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Seller's Guide​ | Decide To Sell

If you are thinking of selling your home or investment property, you need to clarify your reasons for wanting to sell, and decide how soon you would like to begin the process.

Why Am I Selling?

What are the main reasons you want to sell your property?  Are you ready for a bigger home, or are you looking to downsize?  Do you want to move to a specific area of town, neighborhood or school district?  Perhaps you are relocating for work or you want to be closer to family.  Most people have financial reasons and goals associated with selling.  Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons of your decision.  Doing this work on the front end will always help clarify your decision to sell.

When Should I Sell?

Because each situation is different, it’s important to determine your unique time frame for selling.  You may need to sell quickly or you may have the luxury of choosing when you want to list your property.  Our agents will analyze market trends and work with you and your needs to help you find the best time to sell.  

What Is The Market Like?

We pride ourselves on being experts in the Kansas City area real estate market.  Because it changes from season to season, we understand the importance of continually studying it to help you maximize your sale.  Our agents help you navigate the market by looking at your property and comparable properties in your area.  By comparing average days on the market, prices, and terms and conditions of sales, we can help you determine when to sell and how to accurately price your property.

How Can I Save Money?

Since Your Future Address is a full-service, flat-fee brokerage, we charge less in listing commission.  The industry standard for selling a property is at least 6%.  Our average seller pays around 4%, including 3% to a buyer’s agent.  We think you’ll be very pleased when you compare your savings to that of a traditional real estate fee.