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Buyer's Guide​ | Moving In

Closing Day

You have come a long way and the finish line is in sight, but you have a few steps left before you take possession of your new home.

Final Walk-Through  

The final inspection usually takes place the day before, or on closing day. This is your opportunity to walk through the home and confirm that everything is in working order, everything is the same as when you last viewed the property.  You can verify that no unwanted items are left behind, and that all items included in your purchase contract remain at the property.

Utilities And Other Home Services

We can provide you with a list of utility companies and local service providers for your new home.

Be Prepared

Occasionally unforeseen glitches occur, even this late in the game. Sometimes things at the property break, or some other minor detail pops up – no worries!  We will take the stress out of the situation and deal with the issue quickly.  We’ve been there before.


The closing agent provides all parties involved with a settlement statement which details the financial transactions enacted. The buyer, the seller and the closing agent all sign this statement, certifying its accuracy. At closing you will also sign all documents required by the lending institution. If for some reason you cannot attend the closing, let us know as soon as possible. We can make arrangements as long as we know in advance.

There are several ways you can bring funds to the closing. You can elect to have the funds electronically wired into the closing agent’s escrow account, or you can bring a certified check to the closing. The check must be written for the amount specified on the settlement statement. The sellers will arrange to have all property keys, garage door openers and any other important information you might need available for you at closing.