There was never an issue that was brushed under the carpet.

Dax and Cass Riddle

Having used a buyer’s agent when we bought a newly constructed home in the past, we thought it was completely unnecessary to have one when building our new home.  We changed our minds when Katie sold our home and we saw first-hand how she went to bat for us.  We cannot imagine going through
the building process without her.  Her knowledge of builders in the area, issues to watch for and address, along with all our concerns were addressed by Katie immediately.  Her close contacts with any kind of industry trade from tile experts to landscaping gave us the factual information we needed throughout the process in order to make both sound decisions but also know when we had something to address with our builder.  There was never an issue that was brushed under the carpet.  Her guidance during
the entire process was more valuable than any other single decision made.  A couple times during the building of our house we became frustrated and discouraged with how things we being done at the
build site.  We were emotionally charged and ready to do something drastic.  Katie knows how to handle these emotional times with a buyer and brings back reason and sanity to the situation while addressing the buyers concerns and taking them on as her own.  We didn’t just get our dream home but had the privilege of getting to know Katie Yeager as a professional with integrity and are proud to call her a friend.  Thanks for everything Katie!